Forget Me Not Spa


Therapeutic Massages 


Therapeutic Swedish

We use gentle, rhythmic strokes to relax tired muscles…increasing circulation and sweeping away stress.  

30 minutes/$40.

60 minutes/$60.

90 minutes/$90.

TuiNa (Chinese Acupressure Therapy)

Tui-Na is a therapy treatment that utilizes traditional Chinese meridians and acupressure points to remove blockages from the body while opening up Qi.

60 minutes/$60. (special offer)

90 minutes/$90.

Deep Tissue & Trigger points

This massage starts with a firmer touch and includes slow, deep penetrating stokes to release overworked muscles and tension.

30 minutes/$40.

60 minutes/$70.

90 minutes/$100.

Forget Me Not Massage

Our Spa signature massage is just for you( unique body), that combination of eastern and western touch to healing your body balance, wellness and muscles loose.


Rocks & Roll (Hot stone massage)

Warm rocks and natural touch help relax the body. We go deep into the muscles without causing intense pressure.

 60 minutes/$80.

90 minutes/$100.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

This is a therapeutic and effective technique that helps eliminate pain caused by acute or chronic soft tissue injury.

60 minutes/$80.

90 minutes/$110.

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT)

It is very gently presses through lymph nodes flow in the body. It is helps for detoxification, edema, scar tissue, spider veins, lymphedema, breast cancer, colon cancer.




A prenatal massage that helps cause harmony throughout your body, restore balance and relieve pressure on the lower back, legs and feet.(Massages cannot be performed during first trimester).

 60 minutes/$70.

90 minutes/$100.

Shiatsu & Thai Massage

This massage uses meridian channels and point locations to open up Qi.

30 minutes /$40.

60 minutes/$80.


This Japanese technique combines Chinese Feng Shui, spiritual feelings and relaxation.

60 minutes/$75.

90 minutes/$95.

Foot Reflexology

A natural Eastern healing art that works with acupressure points on ears, hands and feet, affect body parts and specific organs.

30 minutes/$30.

60 minutes/$45. (special offer)


Express Facial

This mini facial is for all skin types and includes deep cleansing, extraction or facial massage, serum and moisturizing treatment.

30 minutes/$50.


This treatment will improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, age spots and sun damage. Also good with our signature facial. 


Brightening Facial

This illuminating facial help readuce hyper-pigmentation of th skin. It evens out discoloration with a purifying mask green tea extract.


Anti Aging Lift Facial

This is our signature facial; it will results driven facial, formulated to instantly tighten and brighten to reveal younger and healthy looking skin. Also, reduce the appearance of fine lines an wrinkles while a pressure point massage stimulates the lymphatic system to restore a more youthful complexion. 


Hydra Facial 

Hydra Force is intensely replenished and quenches the skin with pure fruit and floral extracts pluse active essential oil of neroli, petit grain and sandalwood for the most dehydrated skin.



Just for 2 Package (couple massage)

This massage is built perfectly for two people looking to relax. body. mind ; includes a Swedish massage with Hot Stones, Steamy Towels and Essential Oils. 

60 minutes /$125. (per couple)

90 minutes/$165.

Lily's Salt Scrub & Hot Stone Massage Treatment

Salt Scrub & Hot Stone Massage therapy are to Refine, Refresh, Hydra, of your skin. it's Exfoliate treatment with warmed Stones

that will remove of dead skin cell of your body, and leave soft and smooth of baby skin. Also, hot stones will release muscles tension.(90min-massage and 30min-feet Reflexology )



Head-to-toe Package

Brightening Facial (60min)

Feet Reflexology  (30min.)

Mini Facial (30min.)

2hour /$150.

De-stress Package

This indulgent package begins with Hydra Facial(60min), with an hour Aromatherapy massage (60min)

(30min) feet Reflexology.

2Hour and 30min/$199.

Mother of Pearl Package

60-minute mom-to-be massage and a 30-minute express facial. 


Add on:

Paraffin body treatments

Hydrate back, Hands and Feet Treatment

Brings hydration and melt you muscles to areas that need it.



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